Customized Investment Management

Clear Direction Investments, along with Stonebridge Capital Advisors, provides tailored portfolio management services to high net worth individuals and households, including tax sensitive investing not available through mutual funds. Portfolios are managed as tax-advantaged separately managed accounts (SMAs). Assets are custodied at Charles Schwab/TD Ameritrade, Pershing and Fidelity. Stonebridge has its own in-house fixed income and equity teams consisting of individuals with many years of experience as well as high-level credentials.

At relationship inception, Clear Direction and Stonebridge sit down with the client to determine risk tolerance and personal objectives. We create an asset allocation that spells out different tolerance levels that we must stay within for each asset class, or type of asset (domestic stock, international bond, etc.) When the market fluctuates, we make investment decisions to keep the portfolio within those tolerance bands. We make a concerted effort to make sure that parties are all on the same page regarding the overall objectives of the account, initially and throughout the relationship.

We believe separately managed accounts offer the client the flexibility to manage taxes in accordance within their personal parameters and feel this is beneficial for the client because we pay close attention to what you already own with an eye towards where you want to end up. Our focus is on the end result…recognizing what we agree is an acceptable amount of capital gain to pursue. Because each portfolio owns individual stocks and bonds, we have discretion over when capital gains and losses can be realized.

For smaller accounts, we use SEI Private Trust Co.  We believe their efficiency of managing mutual funds and re-allocating those funds as a discretionary RIA to stated client objectives is accomplished at a reasonable fee.