We help partnerships and corporations by seeking to meet their sophisticated investment and planning needs. We believe we may accomplish this by working with existing, trusted advisors and when appropriate, introducing our team to fill voids, should they exist.

Real Estate Investing & Private Placement Alternatives

When suitable, we may consider the following real estate and private placement strategies.

Institutional investment management

Through our partnership with Stonebridge Capital Advisors, we assist institutional investors in a fiduciary capacity that puts the company/clients’ interests first.

Business advisory

For many business owners, your business is the most significant financial asset on the balance sheet.
WealthPoint was founded on the belief that all too often, in planning, entrepreneurs and affluent family groups are asked to make big decisions…

Risk management

Through our associates at Strategic Risk Alternatives, we help affluent entrepreneurs mitigate risk across the enterprise with the goal of asset protection.  Where suitable, these opportunities are now available to small and middle market companies…

Customized Investment Management

Clear Direction Investments, along with Stonebridge Capital Advisors, provides tailored portfolio management services to high net worth individuals and households…

Financial Planning

At Clear Direction, we believe that planning is the foundation for any and all subsequent investment recommendations. From weddings to college funding…

Real Estate and Investment Property Exit Planning

Anyone who has been in the position of having to sell real estate that you earned a profit…

Opportunity Zone Funds

Opportunity Zones are areas of the United States, certified by the US Treasury and the IRS, which exist for investors to receive preferential tax treatment in exchange for investing long term capital gains…