Clear Direction Investments serves high net worth individuals and families.  Most live in Arizona year-round but we do work with others outside of AZ.  Most of our clients are households with annual incomes of at least $175K and/or assets over $500K ($1M when including the value of a business). 

Clear Direction Investments does not use a pre-determined service set. CDI evaluate each client on a case-by-case basis and once a solid understanding of your needs is reached, we may choose to include some or all of the following solutions:

Customized Investment Management

Clear Direction Investments, along with Stonebridge Capital Advisors, provides tailored portfolio management services to high net worth individuals and households…

Financial Planning

At Clear Direction, we believe that planning is the foundation for any and all subsequent investment recommendations. From weddings to college funding …

Real Estate and Investment Property Exit Planning

Anyone who has been in the position of having to sell real estate that you earned a profit…

Opportunity Zone Funds

Opportunity Zones are areas of the United States, certified by the US Treasury and the IRS, which exist for investors to receive preferential tax treatment in exchange for investing long term capital gains into areas designated by the governors of each state. With specialized knowledge of Opportunity Zones (not just limited to Arizona), we can help you understand the properties and/or funds that are qualified and help guide you to suitable and vetted opportunities.

Oil & Gas Royalties

This strategy features unleveraged / zero-debt cash flow potential without expenses from drilling wells. Mineral owners seek to receive royalty payments from the oil and gas produced on their properties. This is an often- overlooked source of income potential that comes with potential benefits such as tax-advantaged distributions and low operating costs.

College Advising

Campus Advisers has been a leader in the field of college planning since 2001, having served thousands of families to recognize and afford the best college match.


Anyone can be preyed upon by unscrupulous individuals/hackers. This protection extends to your passport, email, driver’s license number, social media account, medical identity and several other vulnerabilities. Furthermore, accidents, life events and business needs can create hefty bills…