Through our associates at SRA 831(b) Plan, we help affluent entrepreneurs mitigate risk across the enterprise with the goal of asset protection. Where suitable, these opportunities are now available to small and middle market companies at a level of scale that previously was only available for large corporations.
Enterprise risk management strategies may be created to help protect intangible assets such as your brand and supply chain relationships. For example, specific service trades or businesses who have income within certain ranges may be able to establish their own re-insurance company, allowing them to maximize applicable parts of tax codes which, among other potential savings, provides access to the Qualifying Business Income deduction that business owners may not otherwise benefit from.

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Business Succession Planning

We’ll make the personal introduction to a Wealthpoint partner to explore the difference between a planning process and a decision-making process to gain the wisdom about your desired outcomes.


At Clear Direction, we believe that planning is the foundation for any and all subsequent investment recommendations.